Olivia Ofrenda is the owner of the Blue Casket and a man-seducer; she claims to be entirely incapable of love unless there's power or money behind it. She has a relationship with crime lord Maximino but in reality she keeps a secret affair with his lawyer, Nick Virago, seeing as the first proposal of marriage went wrong in the fate of the Olivia I

On the night Manny Calavera left Rubacava, she was captured on camera kissing Nick by photo-girl Lola; though the crisis was resolved when Manny blackmailed Nick in return for a legal favour. At some point, crimeboss Hector LeMans took over Rubacava and Olivia was immediately attracted to him for power; she also had a known association with Manny; on the night he returned she offered to go with Calavera back to El Marrow. She rooted out Lost Souls Alliance Agents in Nuevo Marrow and also it seems beheaded their leader Salvador Limones.

After capturing Manny and the tickets she took him to Hector's hideout on the Edge of the City. During her rifling through the Double-N-Tickets she saw Manny talking to the head of Salvador; she pulled Manny out of the car and threatened to shoot him and then taunted Salvador. Yet unknown to her was Salvador's explosive tooth and so when in close range he detonated it with a bite that sprouted him as well; Olivia caught in the blast was sprouted from the face and eventually ran off into the meadow where she finally rested amongst the flowers.