Maximino was the crime lord over Rubacava and King of Cats. He owned a great cat-track, which rakes in thousands every year. Yet on the Day of the Dead, numbers seem to fall.

Maximino was partnered with Olivia Ofrenda, but it seemed their engagement was to be doomed after he built a blimp Olivia I bearing on the side 'Marry Me Olivia' - the blimp exploded and crashed into the track killing Sanspoof. Yet Maximino built a second blimp which went to the Land of the Living and back.

Amongst his other extravagances was his personal counsel Nick Virago who began an affair with Olivia, while Lola had a crush on him. Once, he took a briefcase containing Number Nine tickets from Chowchilla Charlie when he threw him out form the High Rollers Lounge.

His fate is unknown in the game; when Manny returns to Rubacava in the final year the place seems run-down and the cat-track ruined. Maximino apparently was ruled by the bosses in El Marrow - presumably by Hector Lemans.