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Lola was a photo-girl at the Blue Casket in Rubacava. She was protected by Scrimshaw artist Toto Santos whom she saw as a father. She had the tendency to fall into the wrong guys. Once she loved Manny Calavera but could not get over with his obsession with Mercedes Colomar.

Lola once loved crime lord Maximino but she was soon replaced by Olivia Ofrenda. Fuelled by jealousy and also wanting to prove the Olivia was betraying Max, she set up to get a picture of her affair with lawyer Nick Virago. Lola got her picture and quickly ran away from Nick.

Her exact movements afterwards were not known. Presumably she sneaked into the photo-finish booth in the race-track and swapped the photo of Sanspoof with the one of Nick and Olivia kissing. She then took the photo of Sanspoof and put it in the Santos' album with the design 'The Rusty Anchor'. She then took her coat with a paper saying 'The Rusty Anchor' to Calavera Cafe with a note for Manny with a key to the lighthouse. Presumably she waited for him there.

Yet it seems that was where lawyer Nick Virago caught her and with the key in the note took her to the lighthouse and shot her. He then kept her key in his tobacco case. Manny was able to get to the lighthouse but too late. Lola was sprouted and blew away with the wind; leaving only a ticket behind bearing a tongue, the ticket to Calavera's coat-check.

Lola was honored later when Manny took over the SS Limbo and renamed it the SS Lola.