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Carla is the officer that upholds the security on the Rubacava blimp boarding area at night.

She moved around a lot with her family since her Dad was in the military. Her Granma was called Hedwig. In the first grade they moved to a town whose only industry was figs (although she preferred dates or prunes). She also had a deaf puppy, Mr. Ruffus who died when she was seven. She also had a cat (although she like only short-haired cats).

She was also shy all the way through high school, never went to a single dance; the boys would ask, but she'd just run away. Her mom said she could have been homecoming queen if she smiled. However she had troubled years because her Mom drank so much, and even cops called them in the middle of the night to go get her out of the drunk tank. Eventually her Daddy left them.

Once a personal favorite of Manny Calavera, she stays away from Calavera Cafe after Lupe's appointment.

That day, she wanted to speak with Manny in the back room, and the two feigned a strip search. There, Carla started telling him about her childhood years (look above). But then she realized that Manny actually came to ask her metal detector. Angry, she threw it out at the cat litter and denied to talk to him again.